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        1. BASIC SPANISH (30 hrs) 


      This course is designed for students with little or no prior Spanish knowledge. The students are taught Spanish from the very beginning including familiarization with the Spanish speaking nations and their culture. The course involves rigorous practice sessions to develop vocabulary, enabling the students to have mild conversation and form basic structures by the end of the course.


                                 2. PRE-INTERMEDIATE (6 hrs)

      This is an additional practice session provided to the students who need revision before moving onto the second level: Intermediate. It enhances their basic knowledge of Spanish, clarifies their doubts if any and prepares well for the next level.


                        3. INTERMEDIATE (50 hrs)
      This course has been designed for students with basic Spanish knowledge. It aims to make them have a stronger and more fluent command of the language with better vocabulary and grammatical base. They will also have a deeper understanding of Spanish culture and society.


               4. COMMUNICATION CLASS (OPTIONAL 20 hrs)  

      This is an optional course designed to improvise the spoken skills of the students and it involves huge amount of practice through conversational activities, audio-visual aids etc. By the end of the course they will be much more comfortable confident speaking Spanish. 


                                       NOTE: Students must have at least Intermediate level of Spanish for this course.


                                 5. PRE-ADVANCE COURSE  (6 hrs)

      This course is designed for those students who wish to go to Advance level but requires some improvisation before that. It involves a thorough practice session and the students are assisted throughout with their difficulties. By the end they are capable of pursuing higher level with total confidence.
         6.  ADVANCE COURSE  (40 hrs)
        This course is designed for those students who possess a good command of Spanish language and culture. The course attempts to improve their linguistic understanding and comprehension of more complex structures so that s/he can converse more effectively. They undergo a rigorous session of practice which enables them to perform better at a communicative level. By the end, they will have gained wider knowledge of the language and culture and will be more proficient expressing their ideas at an abstract level.


                   PROFESSIONAL SPANISH  

      Spanish has become a much-needed means of communication in various professional situations. Therefore, Alta-Vista has introduced a Spanish course for people from various occupational backgrounds like medical professionals, trekking/ tour guides, travel agents, businessman etc. With the globalization Spanish is a huge asset to one’s profile as it opens more doors of opportunities. Therefore, this short and intensive course can add an extra dimension to one’s career.


                         INTENSIVE SPANISH  

      This is a combination of our three courses: Basic, Intermediate and Advance. This course meets the needs of those students who wish to do all three levels of Spanish in a short period of time. Its highly suitable for students having time constraints or who are planning to travel abroad. This, systemically designed curriculum with intense practice sessions allow the students to have good command of written and spoken Spanish with fair knowledge of Spanish culture and society.


                     PRIVATE CLASSES  

      This is a tailor made course designed to meet the exact need of students in various situation. Here, the students can even take classes individually, in and out of Alta-Vista’s premises, for any length of time. Our professional instructors will plan the curriculum as per the requirement of the student. However, they are advised to take the tests periodically, preferably in Alta-Vista.






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Professional Spanish

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