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 SPAIN SHORT TERM VISA (Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Transit Visa)

If you are a Nepalese Citizen and if you want to apply for a Short Term Visa (Tourist Visa, Business Visa or a Transit Visa) to SPAIN, the hassle to go to NEW DELHI, INDIA is finally over. You can apply for these visas from Kathmandu, Nepal.

BLS International is a trusted partner for visa processing services for over a decade to several Diplomatic Missions worldwide and they have started their services in Nepal with Spain Short Term Visa processing. You have to prepare your documents as per the checklist provided and pay the Visa Fees along with the Service Fees and your applications along with your original passports will be processed for the VISA to the Embassy of Spain, India. However, you must have 30 days for processing your VISA from Kathmandu, Nepal. You have to be present in Kathmandu personally for the Biometrics. You will receive your passport within 30 days with the VISA, hopefully.


1.    Passport 

2.    Photographs – size 4.5cm x 3.5cm

3.    Visa Application Form

4.    Cover Letter by Applicant 

5.    Leave letter if employed

6.    Travel Insurance

7.    Sworn Declaration for Travel Insurance 

8.    Hotel Accommodation

9.    Confirmed return flight tickets

10.  Salary Slips for last six months if employed

11.  Original Bank Statement - last 6 months

12.  Income Tax returns - last three years 

13.  Original Invitation of "Policia Nacional" in case of family visit or friend visit

14.  Attested copy of the passport/DNI /residence card of the person living in Spain


                 (As updated on 1st January 2018)


                       A.    Visa Fee: NPR 7295/-

                       B.    Passport Courier Charges & BLS Service Fee: NPR 3160/-

                       C.    Our Service Fee per passport: 


                                                          For Single Applicant                           : NPR 5000/-

                                                          For Couple or Two Applicants        : NPR 4500/- per passport

                                                          For Family or Three Applicants     : NPR 4000/- per passport

                                                          For Four Applicants                            : NPR 3500/- per passport

                                                             For Five Applicants or more           : NPR 3000/- per passport            


                                Please make the payment to start the online counseling. Without payment we are not obliged to process                                        your application or provide any additional information to you, in person or online. 
Please enquire if you need to know anything about Short Term Visa for Spain through email at spanishclub4u@gmail.com or send/receive direct messages on Viber or WhatsApp at +9779841207166. 

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