This is an offline Spanish Language Learning course which will be send to individuals email address as an attachment, upon subscription of this course. The attachment would be in a .pdf format and would be divided into respective chapters based upon the course selection.

A full chapters including few bonus games and puzzles, are developed for all the courses offered. The courses offered would be as follows:

Basic  30 Chapters 
Intermediate  45 Chapters 
Advance  45 Chapters 
Fast Track  50 Chapters (combination of Basic, Intermediate and Advance) 
Upon subscription of this course via courier, email, letters, visiting office etc. the subscriber would receive the Chapters in the frequency he would like to receive, Weekly, Monthly, Bi-monthly or Quarterly. The payment system used would be Cash, Draft or through Paypal. After successful completion of the course the subscriber can come and give the level test examination for the certification of his/her knowledge. 
For students abroad we have arranged a payment system through paypal. So now anyone can learn Spanish from anywhere in the world at affordable price.
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