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Welcome everyone to Spanish Club Nepal!

Spanish Club Nepal is a club that aims to bring together Spanish language speakers, native and non natives, and people with similar interests from different corners of the world for the promotion of language and the culture. The group aims to provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere where you can practice and exchange Spanish (with your language) and make new friends with people from various places.

We have different levels of fun, social gatherings and learning and practice opportunities: meetings for BEGINNERS, for INTERMEDIATE speakers, gatherings where we speak SOLO ESPAÑOL, and most interestingly, we also have gatherings for those who are an absolute Spanish learner. Our events are for everybody and anybody who are Spanish enthusiasts and want to learn and share, in different ambiences which will give the participants an extremely fun filled experience. 

Here are some events you can expect in the club:

1.       Conversation Club - This is a gathering where people can practice their Spanish with others. So basically you learn to speak better while you meet native and non native speakers. So, mingle in Spanish in an upbeat and fun atmosphere. Mostly, you will be given some particular topics to talk about. However, that will be decided prior to the gathering. You are expected to have minimum Basic level Spanish so as to adapt to the pace of interaction.


2.       Spanish Workshop - Periodically, Alta-Vista, School of Spanish Language organizes Spanish language workshops, quick and easy way to learn “survival Spanish” and Brush-up sessions so that you can also participate in one of the smaller or even regular conversational gatherings and practice your newly “acquired skills”.


3.       Movies - Spanish movies will be screened regularly by the club of different genre so that the club members can enjoy and learn the culture.


4.       Gastronomic corner - Cuisine is the soul of any culture and so we, at the club will organize different programs based on the gastronomy of Nepal and different Spanish Speaking nations. The club plans to organize cooking competitions and mini-feasts to experience the richness of Spanish cuisine while you’re still in Nepal.


5.       Experience sharing - Interested speakers can share their interesting experience of life in the club meetings.


6.       Competitions/contests - There will be numerous fun and exciting competitions and contests and a chance to win many exciting prizes!


7.       Let’s share skills - This is particularly for those club members who come with some special skills that they’d like to share with rest of the club members. The skill can be anything like “how to troubleshoot your computer” or “how to remove stubborn stains”. Anything that you find worth sharing will be gladly welcomed.


And much more…….


Spanish club Nepal is extremely open to new ideas and always welcomes suggestions. So please feel free to contribute your innovative ideas to make the club gathering more fruitful and above all…a fun place to be on weekends.


What atmosphere to expect?

Lively, social, fun!

Spanish Club Nepal is for everyone who loves Spanish language and its culture. So, feel absolutely free to let our club volunteers know your preference and the kind of gatherings you would like to be in. We only aim to have a club that helps you learn rapidly while you meet people, share ideas and experiences and above all have great fun.


¡Lo vamos a pasar de bomba!


Rules for club members


1.       As a club member, when you participate in one of the interactive sessions, we expect you to leave all your hesitations behind and initiate as much as possible. If you find it too challenging integrating with others, you can try joining smaller groups of conversation and also join workshops.

2.       Be regular.

3.       Be interactive.

4.       Share ideas.

5.       Be willing to volunteer.


See you there in the next meeting!

¡Nos vemos!


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