The Globalization of Spanish Language

Have you ever wondered why you read this article? If you have, your answer has probably been “because I like Spanish”. The Spanish language has awakened an interest in millions of people around the world. There are various reasons for this: the richness of the Spanish culture, the development of countries in Central and South America, for economical reasons or simply because of the development of tourist regions in Spanish-speaking countries such as Spain, Mexico, Dominican Republic, etc.
But, who speaks Spanish? Is it worth spending money in studying this language? Are there possibilities for professional advancement? More than 400 million people use Spanish as their mother tongue and the number keeps growing every day! This high number of speakers has converted Spanish into the second most used language, after English, used in business settings worldwide.
If it is true that Spanish is the language of business, and that there are people who learn Spanish for this reason alone, the most interesting thing is that the majority of students learn Spanish as a second language.


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